PSX-2 Personal Server improves the interface of the iPod Gadgets on the big screen

While the iPod's gadgets interface may like more or less and it is clear that it is designed to maximize the control wheel and a shortage of buttons on this player gadgets and that can be connected to a dock and use a remote copy that interface is not the ideal choice. The PSX-2 Personal Server is a dock for iPod gadgets with which we can completely ignore this and use your own interface in which offers access to many functions of the player without going through menus or navigating with the wheel control.

And this is designed for use with universal remote controls and perfectly something along the lines of the Logitech Harmony in which has an infrared receiver for this and this dock allows us to create playlists from the touch of a button to adjust the iPod's gadgets equalizer. Really this PSX-2 Personal Server is much advance technology and providing high advance conceptual thought’s and unique comfort technology and I think tis PSX-2 Personal Server is not more expensive I mean you are easily affort this PSX-2 Personal Server and clear that this improvement in the interface does not come cheap, and the PSX-2 Personal Server is priced at $ 400, too high for what it offers. Via


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