Sony Walkman Gadgets

Sony has revamped its range Sony Walkman E-Series gadgets with a latest model and a new design and that can be which allows us to customize your player gadgets to our liking. And the front can be removed and replaced with another simple way I mean these can be purchased separately. The latest model is the Sony NW-E044 gadgets which come with 8 GB of storage space and the others offer 2 GB and 4 GB respectively. All share the media files into MP3, WMA, ATRAC, AAC and WAV, as well as an FM radio tuner and a three-line LCD screen gadgets. This is simple and compact player’s gadgets and ideal for hanging or taking them for exercise for its lightness. Come with a headset with speaker’s gadgets of 13.5 millimeters and technology to improve the reproduction of the bass. Have so far been announced in Japan that can be where they will have a price of between $ 130 and 80 are to change are depending on capacity and there are also selling accessories such as pendants, Silicon or media to carry on the arm. Via


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