Twibble 0.9.8 With Blackberry Gadgets

One of the best Twitter gadgets clients and I believe this is terminals supporting Java is TWIBBLE in which for some days his client has updated to version 0.9.x. And in addition to previous features such as opening links are support for viewing the position of our contacts with Yahoo! Maps, sending pictures to TWITPIC, GEILOCATION with GPS support, multiple themes and keyboard shortcuts and the new beta includes support for TWIBBLE use other gateways pictures of the avatars and support for uploading of content and support Movie picture to RETWEETS.

One of the most dramatic changes in the format of TWIBBLE timeline is showing direct messages that were previously integrated and messages from friends in a single list are going into three separate lists just like friends, endorsements and direct to be reloaded each time we update regularly or automatically. If you have a terminal that only have Java and TWIBBLE is a very best that you will find, but also works without problems on SYMBIAN S60 phones gadgets and Blackberry gadgets.


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