Latest PS8000 combines LG Full HD resolution with THX, Bluetooth and HD DIVX functions

This is latest conceptual based gadgets and shows all luxury and design based future and this product is not more expensive from another gadgets. And this PS8000 LG introduces the series of successful plasma TVs on. Behind its purist-elegant surface hides extensive technical facilities, which ensures perfect picture quality.

"In subtle single-layer design with only 2.5 mm thick glass pane of the PS8000 fits perfectly into any environment - whether on the wall hanging or standing in the room," says Nils Seib, Public Relations Manager at LG Electronics Pte Ltd. "With THX certification, Bluetooth interface and HD DivX functionality convinced the new TV even the most demanding users."

And the five full-HD 1080P ultra bright panel with improved brightness and deep black tones, together with the dynamic contrast ratio of 2.000.000:1 for vivid and realistic images provide. The 600Hz Max Subfield Driving technology precisely adjusts the smallest changes on the screen, so that not even the fastest scenes blur. To reach the new plasma TV is an extremely short response time from 0001 MS. Natural colors, thanks to the interaction with the Dual XD Engine image processing system promises pure entertainment for any TV content.

Photos and videos from phone directly to the TV play or movie enjoyment via headphones - the LG PS8000 can be easily over the Bluetooth interface wirelessly with other devices connected. Even for a connection of external hard drives or USB sticks will be provided: The USB 2.0 interface allows compatible file formats such as JPEG and MP3 playing.


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