Intel 17 Latest Intel Xeon processors

This is latest 17 Xeon processors are showing best conceptual future from another processor and this processor is very unique and providing best new technology. And this Intel today announced 17 new Intel Xeon processors based on Intel Core micro-architecture, codenamed Nehalem before. The processors are designed for use in servers, workstations and embedded segment planned. Main features of the processors are the automatic adaptability of the energy according to the requirement of the particular application and the speed with the highest performance levels for challenging transactions in the computing and large database queries. In addition, Intel presented today with the Intel 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller a new network chip. The new chips are the biggest advancement in the field of server CPUs, Intel has been 14 years ago with the Intel Pentium ® Pro in this market segment is entered. Intel expects that by 2015 more than 15 billion devices connected to the Internet will be and provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the new Xeon processors with their adaptability, efficiency and versatility also make a significant contribution. The most intelligent energy management contributes significantly to operating costs at a minimum: after about eight months, the cost of the Xeon 5500er processor paid off.


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