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Now music lovers from the world of MP3 and VOKMAN out into the world of ipod gadgets are keeping step and this apple stores in small equipment is sold immediately after the sale of Christmas, it has become an important part. John Louis store in London Khalfi Mike says in this is more demand than supply. And apple says it's much more than trying to provide tools, but many stores for the customers after the order is being forced to take just according to the company by October this year, he shops around the world in thirteen million ipod gadgets sent. Khalfi says, in one or two times a week we are getting goods but he quickly sold as is a spokesman said that the apple production to increase every possible efforts are being made, but such demand that some customers have to be disappointed. And a newspaper of the U.S. apple senior vice president saying that the stores around the world every ten minutes in an ipod gadgets are being sold and its popularity can be gauged from the idea that TKNALAJI of the two major consumer magazines in 2003 and this is best as chosen samples and ipod gadgets ten thousand tunes by which consumers can store music downloaded from websites or CD can.


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