The cIRMSCHER 7 turbo with up to 265 HP

This is latest conceptual based luxury and high advance Roadster IRMSCHER 7 turbo and whole part of body is very cool and based on high advance technology, I like this product. And in this technology and equipment to the essential and the timelessly elegant aluminum-plastic body is a solid steel mesh tube frame in which the heart of the Roadster, a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 265 hp and 420 Nm maximum torque works - and where a vehicle's total weight of just once 850 pounds. If this performance is not satisfactory, it may wish to further modifications to the engine technology and will receive. This performance always remains controllable, IRMSCHER has its Roadster sports a suitably dimensioned brakes, tires, and sport a fun-tuned suspension and performance characteristics along the way where. Equipped with heating and ventilation, tarpaulin and a waterproof soft top can IRMSCHER 7 turbo also 'rain race' and larger tours can be used. And a glance at the dashboard reveals a beautiful arrangement switches that have all the important values and operating information. And then after its activity awakened the turbo engine in front of the driver to wait and each IRMSCHER 7 turbo is run by experienced specialists at IRMSCHER Factory with special attention to detail handwork


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