Panasonic VIERA Series HDTVs

Panasonic VIERA Series HDTVs

Panasonic has launched its new viera series hdtvs which is come up with new features and design. Both televisions are equipped in many effective features such as an IPS Alpha LED panel and vast screening angle.

New Panasonic viera series hdtvs is built in 37-inch display with TC-L37DT30 and32-inch display with TC-L32DT30. The DT30 television model also provides a two hundred forty hertz with motion picture pro five fast motion picture retort to develop cross-talk free three dimensional photos.

Both television models are fully supported VIERA connect service. The Panasonic viera series hdtvs provide a many effective and interactive features such as a three dimensional VIERA photo viewer, JPEG two dimensional digital still photos, two and three dimensional HD video recording, DLNA, four HDMI connections, three USB ports, ISF Pro Setting Menu, and more.

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