The World Most Expensive Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Cell Phone Product

If you finding attractive design based iphone, wait till you get a best luxury old goldstriker iphone 3GS cell phone product. It is designed by Stuart Hughes with elegant features and functionality. This iPhone gadget sells for 3.2 million dollar. Company provide you product replacement plan with your AT and T contract on this cell phone product. It is manufactured with 271 grams of 22 karat gold and designed with 53 one carat diamonds.

This is provides comes with best navigation button which is decorated with 7.1 carat white diamond. The new goldstriker iphone 3GS cell phone product comes with a granite box lined with nubuck. Anyway, if you looking for full functionality based iphone then use this product which is different from looks.

Midas-touched cell phone product


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