Latest Gadgets: Toshiba Lumileo P100 Tiny Projector

This is new Toshiba product Lumileo P100 tiny projector which is comes with advance features based projectors are available in the market. It is tiny size projectors are that they all are at rest not bright adequate to utilize in bedrooms and office that are quite lit.

Toshiba Lumileo P100 tiny projector comes with offshore features and a luxury design measure in at 116 x 50 x 18mm comes with the less weighs of approx 96g. Other innovative features include a best resolution of 640 x 480 and projector has a slight 14 lumens of light output. We are providing many effective sophisticated features such as contrast ratio of 200:1, 0.5W stereo speaker, rechargeable lithium-ion unit and many more. If you are searching for tiny projector then just check out this new Toshiba Lumileo P100 projector, I am sure you would like to buy this product. VIA


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