Gadget Reviews: Exemode Launches New Keychain Size Digital Camera Product

Here is company Exemode launching new keychain size digital camera product which is comes with advance features. This product is effective for those who have vast craze of about professional photography. 1.92 million Pixel CMOS sensor camera allows best features such as F3.1 fixed focus lens with 35mm focal length balanceable size 39.5mm.

This is the effective technology of cool product its present best capture capacity and resolutions (1,280 × 1,200 pixels). This small digital camera as well can simply record 320 × 240 pixel, 8fps video. It is powered by built-in lithium battery it comes with 4 different-different color modes its battery is charged via USB With built in 64MB memory around the 250 photos can be taken. Very nice product this tiny camera!

COST: $70


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