Best Find Of the Day: World's most expensive toilet (24 Karat Gold)

Japan Industry Pavilion has introduces the world’s most expensive toilet (24 Karat Gold) with unique design and quality. It is best spirit of new generation with your friends or family. You are feeling better flushed you may want to try world’s most expensive toilet (24 Karat Gold) at the Japan Industry Pavilion. Japan Industry Pavilion has come up with Osaka specialties, such as tako-yaki, yaki-soba and okonomiyaki. It is decorate with food stalls, large red squid that can be seen on the Dotonbori in the heart of japan city.

"Future post offices will be venues to connect the world and eradicate discrepancies between regions through supporting medical, administrative, educational and life services. You will have vending machines where you can purchase any product or service you desire, including your favourite car, a house, trip to space or a weekend out to a hot spring, " says Tomoe Kamikubo, a representative at the pavilion. Source


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