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We find it sophisticated to select a source for this story which is practically everywhere on Engadget yesterday and discussed today is updated with unique data. This is great and innovative Google Phone gadgets product which can be allows offshore features and functionality. As we see there is nothing final but since then we have to read between the lines on the professional Google Mobile blog and then it's simply to get carried away by imagination.

the gadgets product google phone provides best sound and other effective basic concept, we expect to happen soon to be translated into something more tangible. Google Phone gadgets product will wait for that but may be a way to escape the fragmentation that is characterizing Android. Because Google Phone gadgets product would then return to a "ghost" desired by some and feared by others and single hardware not made by Google but controlled by them and a single OS to be updated as and when Google wanted. In any case Google has given us the weekend of rumors and news, this is not bad. And in the absence of real images we have chosen to illustrate the entry one of the "fakes" in 2007 than it was interpreted at the time the Google phone gadgets product would then be embodied in the form of G1.


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