Goldvish Revolution, luxury phones with diamonds

Designers and manufacturers of mobile luxury Le Million, the Goldvish Switzerland, has just launched another super-phone, Goldvish Revolution. Of course this is plenty of diamonds and available on market white gold and rose gold.

In fact, the Revolution is a mobile and a Swiss watch: they wanted to combine the two mechanisms in a single phone device (the difference).

I am nothing of this kind of fan designs luxury but I especially dislike it, sorry. And I finished convection that number keypad so rare.

But with all respect for the selective audience that will buy if we did not have disparate tastes, it would take all the same and would be very boring. Few are going to get since the edition is limited to 9 units. I like this luxury lunch mobile product and this mobile phone is more expensive because whole part of body is more expensive and based on latest conceptual technology. The service for this mobile product is really very cool and based on high advance new concept. Actually main function for product is design I mean design this luxury product is more expensive and design is based on gold and diamond, I mean design this product from gold and diamond.


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