DSI Gadgets and Online Market

This is latest conceptual based DSI gadget is providing best new advance technology from another DSI product. And this new version of the Nintendo portable console is similar to its older sibling. Only visible changes: a few new buttons, missing the GBA port, two goals and a photo slide slot for a storage card. And it is he who makes the new small a little attractive. And, despite marketing that Nintendo continues to highlight the photo whose interest is limited to a quarter of an hour of experimentation.

And this DSI gadgets is representing best conceptual future just like the emergence of storage space, the DS is a foot in the world of downloading. Along the lines of what is already done to the living room consoles, you can access to a market place where the games but also applications, will be sold online.

Nintendo has no doubt decided to take this direction for two reasons. On the other hand to recover part of the unbridled creativity that feeds a parallel market on the DS thanks to a small card not very legal, but found no problem on the Net, it is already possible to run for other applications on the console. Suddenly, hundreds of developers are not offering free downloadable games and software alternatives. A windfall for the Japanese manufacturer, which could suggest the coup quickly, paid version this time, therefore a catalog.


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