Curious transparent Kenwood speakers Gadgets

The most striking are two things this is a first design that as built in glass and using a blue LED, the Kenwood speaker’s gadgets look very bright at night. And second in the price on that comment at the bottom of the inning.

The Kenwood SP0011 gadgets, SP0012 gadgets, or if we want the white LED instead of blue, are a pair of speakers gadgets 10 watts each, not too powerful but designed to lucirlos. They have a size of 140 × 170 × 195 mm in which can put them next to our computer or TV without problems. There seems to be focused in the professional sector in where there are much more powerful gadgets products and preparations such Kenwood gadgets but I would say that for those who want to have a curiosity in their homes to show a curiosity to all its guests. I love this latest hogh technology based unique design gadgets and whole part of this gadgets is very conceptual and cool, I like this latest gadgets and the price is $ 1050 per pair and I think this is a real outrage that for now only available in Japan.


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