Casual Friday

Last week I completely forget Windows Mobile blame has to write a Good Friday procession passing under the window and in this case is that it seems that there are not many applications for sharing files on Windows Mobile. The honorable exception is Win Mobile Torrent and the costs about $ 20 but it seems very complete.

TERRACROSS is GPS navigation software for Windows Mobile which had long wished to speak and in this week has been updated and now supports the definition of points of interest with KML files. For Samsung OMNIA OMNIALIGHT have a simple utility to use the mobile as a torch and this is an important thing is that this program is based on the recent SDK released by Samsung.

It is one of the games that I spent more time in my life and worms seem to be is it is a battle between two worms and this is terribly funny because the fight is in real time or not shift and you can compete against another person. The port for SYMBIAN S60 is identical to the original, but I have not found the keys I need to push to make it work.


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