3D Stereo Glasses Digital Cube

This is latest 3D Stereo Glasses are showing best conceptual technology and working principle from another 3D Stereo Glasses product. And this 3D Stereo Glasses is sales to increase an existing ₩ 25,000,000,000 700 million and enough of the 3D movies ₩ 35,000,000,000 to wear special glasses and would result in eight days, said. And this special glass for 3D movies to separate the left and right images of the film as sunglasses-shaped glasses in one-time and 3D Systems equipment and these equipment carriers for its bulk supply of the product is standardized. And this 3D Stereo Glasses is representing recently and the film distribution business and the bulk purchase the screen directly to the world supply is increasing. But the low price of less than $ 1, and three issues, for many people to write back to the audience, most of the reluctance is discarded after one use disposable.

And the vice president of digital 3D Stereo Glasses of the cube and the "per unit cost of 10 cents to a few, but the number of audience, revenue and profit proportional scale is superior compared to other 3D product,".

"The continued success of 3D films and consumption, stable and persistent sexual products can expect sales, "he said.


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